Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery

With a sound that has proven popular since he first broke onto the scene way back, Gareth Emery’s melodic prowess continues. Hot on the heels of his latest album project, ‘Kingdom United’, alongside Ashley Wallbridge, the UK electronic artist continues to deliver music, and his new track is a cut called ‘Mezzanine’.

Bridging the gap between the sound of summer and the highest reaches of trance, Gareth’s ‘Mezzanine' is tinged with the promise of a new beginning. Setting course for a new, otherworldly dimension with flaring synth blasts and melodic outbursts that bring the light, the track aims to mirror the feeling of sunshine after rain as it radiates a familiar sense of hope and unity that will never fade.


Thanks to a tour schedule with shows at the likes of Tomorrowland, Laserface Ibiza and more, ‘Mezzanine’ has already graced festivals and events around the world as his live set opener, as its attitude and dreamy feel aims to spark a tidal wave of hands-in-the-air action.


It’s out now.

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