Aly & Fila With Chris Jones

Aly & Fila With Chris Jones

Aly & Fila return to their label Future Sound Of Egypt with their fifth single of 2019. Featuring the vocals of Chris Jones, their latest production ‘Breathe’ is the next instalment from their forthcoming artist album, ‘It’s All About The Melody’ which is to be released this autumn.

As bass heavy kick drums propel the track to peak energy and synth plucks add to its complex texture and atmosphere, Chris Jones delivers a vocal performance that aims to leave revellers chanting its hook line at festivals around the world. As veterans of the dance scene, Aly & Fila’s production abilities can be heard, making their record sound on point. 


The trance duo have been playing to audiences with their latest single already at events such as Tomorrowland and on their very own FSOE stage, as well as at their summer Ibiza residency at Shine. 


‘Breathe’ is out 19 August.

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