Randall Jones

Randall Jones

Southern California is home to veteran DJ/producer Randall Jones. Having made his Bedrock debut way back in 2003 ('The Pathwork EP') Randall has grown, developed and evolved as an artist. A return to Bedrock has been long overdue and his '53 Stickup EP' is his creative statement for 2019. 

'53 Stick Up' is a grooving, melodic track in its original guise, before Nick Muir steps up on remix duty to offer his interpretation. A producer, musician and composer he rebuilds and relocates the track onto peak-time floors, highlighting hypnotic looped melodies within an ever mutating arrangement.


'Lucky Groove' has subtle, teasing changes in mood, texture and energy flow throughout. Paired with a collaborative deep and dark dub-style 'Tigerhook Edit' (courtesy of the Wu-Tang type crew of like-minded DJs and producers spearheaded by Randall) this is a package laden with creativity.


It’s out now, check it out below.

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