Shawn Christopher

Shawn Christopher 

Shawn Christopher has been making house hits since the late-80s, including providing the vocals for Lil Louis’ #1 ‘French Kiss’ and singing for Chaka Khan. Her experience shows on ‘You Can Make It’, produced by house music artist Ron Carroll, an original classic on Soulfuric. 

Now Italian duo Alaia & Gallo take on remixing duties, breathing fresh life into Christopher’s vocal track. The pair have previously had a string of tracks across Defected, and this two-track release is no exception to their uplifting production style. 


Their remix maintains the soulful sound of Christopher’s vocal, whilst weaving in a thundering bassline. In contrast, their Preacher Dub strips back the vocals as Ron Carroll takes control with his gospel preaching, lifting the spirit of the track as Alaia & Gallo’s remixing takes the track deeper and more club-inclined. 


It’s out 8 February on Soulfuric Recordings.