Eva Be

Eva Be

Eva Be has possibly been a key figure in the development of Berlin underground club culture, going back to the ‘90s and her involvement with the Sonar Kollektiv crew that included the likes of Dixon, Ame and Jazzanova, to name a few. A producer and DJ, her latest EP on Poker Flat Wax showcases her production skills.

'Delight' kicks things off on the A-side, a low-slung groove with Chicago-esque percussion that pops out of the speakers. Some of Eva’s love for dub and reggae is also present - vocals and chord stabs echo and shimmer across the track.


'Breathe' is a little more floor-focussed - a hard knocking kick starts this off and the track develops into one of those deep, emotional and driving tracks that aims to get dancefloors into serious states of ecstasy.


Flip the wax and 'Pills' is the third offering for this release - precise-yet-wonky drums, breakbeats, deep pads and synth lines that gel together into a hedonistic whole.


It’s out 25 January, check it out below.

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