Damon Wild | Rotary

Glasgow-based DJ/producers Slam present a brand new series of releases inspired by crate digging through their very own record collection entitled ‘Archive Edits’. After last year’s ‘Soma Track Series’ came to a close, the duo have now tapped into their diverse record collection, carefully selecting specific tracks from their archives with a series of reworks and re-edits that have sound-tracked their DJ sets of late.

Providing some insight into the vision for the project, Slam’s Stuart McMillan said: “The tracks chosen are not only ones that we think have stood the test of time but are ones that we might not always have necessarily played at the time and somehow have a relevance now. Some are well known with techno enthusiasts, some are not. We've collected a lot of records throughout the years and it has been insightful to look back and choose certain tracks, not only to gain inspiration from, but also to create something new and add elements that make them work for us in our DJ sets now.”


‘Archive Edits Vol. 1’ is a Slam rework of Damon Wild's ‘Rotary’ and will be released on 9 July 2018.