Danny Krivit

New York’s Body & Soul’s Danny Krivit plays a set at Aures London tonight. The vibe of the party aims to hark back to the iconic New York club The Loft, home of David Mancuso and apparently one of the world’s finest sound systems. An intimate party with a focus on quality of sound, it will be a showcase of the new audio system that can be heard through a mass array of Pioneer Pro Audio XY speakers. 

Aures London
Aures London

Powered by 16 (eight on each side) separate Powersoft amplifiers, the system covers the length of the venue, positioning sound not only left and right but also to the front and back and height terms, relative to the floor and ceiling. It means that ‘wherever you are in the venue you will have near perfect sound in crystalline clarity, and you will always be in the sweet spot.’


Headlining is Danny Krivit, part of the resident team at Body & Soul, the long running New York party that brings house and soul tinged grooves to the club each week. The Sunday party started in 1996 and has a dedicated following of people from all races, religions and genders who come together to hear founders Francois K, Joe Claussell and Danny do their thing. 


For the occasion he will draw on decades of playing clubs and festivals around the world. From house to soul to disco and all shades in between, this vinyl junkie—he has more than 50,000 records—has spent his life deeply immersed in a rich tapestry of musical sounds and his studio output has seen him work with the likes of Gloria Gaynor and James Brown, all while releasing his own house tracks on labels like Nervous, Defected, Ibadan and more. 

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