Zombie Nation

After many years releasing largely on his own UKW label, Zombie Nation now makes a debut on Get Physical Music. Zombie Nation is German DJ and producer Florian Senfter, the man behind a collection of esoteric electro and techno tracks and albums. 

A mainstay of International Deejay Gigolo and Turbo, Senfter twists weird sounds and computer game soundtracks into his own frizzled version of techno. Also a live artist, he is a collector of vintage synths that are evident in his textured music.


First up is the twisted ‘Ticket.’ It’s an unusual tune with bobbling bass that aims to keep you on your toes as lead synths get skewed, stretched and smeared in all different directions. The groove builds and builds and it’s his technique on his machines that keeps you interested.


Then comes ‘Drafty’, a more curious and deep tune that aims to suck you down the rabbit hole where piano chords and warped synths keep you on edge, with crisp boom-bap drums to drive the whole thing along.

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