Basement Jaxx

Dropping on Rekids this Friday, Butch remixes ‘Good Luck’ - Basement Jaxx’s 2004 single featuring Lisa Kekaula. Appearing on ’Kish Kash’, Basement Jaxx’s third studio album, the single was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Dance Recordings category and also reached number 12 on the UK Singles Chart and number 2 on Hot Dance Club Play in the US. 


It also featured as the opening theme of 2004 anime movie Appleseed, Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2003 and 2005, and a version without lyrics was used for the opening sequence of BBC’s UEFA Euro 2004.


Real name Bülent Gürler, German producer Butch has been working within house and techno for over two decades and his releases have appeared on labels like Desolat, Cocoon, Rekids and Sei Es Drum, and collaborating alongside Virginia, C. Vogt and Ricardo Villalobos (as Butric).


He has provided three different renditions of ‘Good Luck’, featuring numerous elements from the original whilst generating a cacophony of percussion as Kekaula’s iconic voice is chopped and looped – the result is geared for the dancefloor. 


The ‘Dub’ strips things back, purely using segments of the vocal for instrumental purposes as a whirring bassline joins deep synths and effects. Tying it all together, the ‘Drum Tool’ is a high-tempo percussive cut aimed for peaktime DJ sets.