Soul Clap Featuring Robert Owens

Soul Clap’s production ‘Misty’ gets a remix and a new lease of life on Classic Music Company. The Boston-based duo bring all the soulful funk with vocals by Chicago house singer Robert Owens. In their 'Club Mix', the record gets stripped down, laden with percussion and infused with a bassline alongside a smoother 'Deep Mix'.

Hammer and Tongs production duo, also known as Lance Desardi and Luke Solomon, work up a slightly heavier production and edit to freshen up the original. Frenchman DJ Rocco showcases his take on the deep house sound in his rendition and Rogue D stays true to his raw sound with an upfront bassline. 


Louie Vega inflicts a stomping bassline for dancefloor deepness in his 'Swirl Bass Mix' while his 'Roots NYC Mix' delivers a more sensual mid-tempo sound. 


Out 30 March 2018, it’s another decent release from Soul Clap and a precursor to their forthcoming original EP for Classic.