KMS 30th Anniversary EP

Kevin Saunderson’s KMS label heralds three decades of techno music with a special anniversary EP, demonstrating both the genre's evolution and relevance in today’s musical landscape. This package aims to position KMS as an imprint spearheading the techno movement for years to come. Apparently reminiscent of the first-ever techno raves in the ‘80s, ‘Idyllic’ aims to transfer that bygone feeling directly onto the dancefloors of today. 

The track, a collaborative effort between Kevin Saunderson & KiNK and the first of its kind, moulds the talents of the techno artist and the Bulgarian. They kick off the ‘KMS 30th Anniversary EP’ in a manner that pays respect to the genre’s earlier exploits, with a nod to techno’s future. 


‘Bottom Dweller’, the second track, sees Dubfire on remix. One half of the Grammy-award-winning and four-time-nominated electronic music duo Deep Dish, this Washington D.C. is possibly up there amongst electronic music’s finest. He now unleashes a mash of kick drums, deep bass and perpetual synth stabs for his outing.


The final cut comes from Canadian techno artist Marc Houle, whose near-Detroit roots have helped define his sound. Boasting a decade-long career of productions (of which ‘Tokos’ is an example) and live performances, he is a valued contributor to the EP.


It’s out now, check it out below.