Markus Schulz

Working in stylistic new areas, penning and co-penning many of the tracks’ lyrics and delivering a disc’s worth of acoustic versions were just some of the ways in which ‘Watch The World’ changed perceptions of Markus Schulz last year. Bringing that to its natural conclusion this October, the German musician signs off on the long-player with its criterion edition. 

Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz

Markus commenced the Deluxe Edition by returning each of ‘WTW’s 15 tracks to the studio and fleshing them out into extended versions. To its tracklist, he also adds two new tracks. Alongside ‘You And I’, the album now includes ‘New York City [Take Me Away]’, a second track sung by Adina Butar. Also included is ‘Luce Prima’ (literally translated: ‘first light’). Conceived to bookend his Tomorrowland 2017’s main-stage daybreak set, here its two parts are reconciled into a 14-minute-long trance track.


Whilst assembling the Deluxe edition, Markus observed that when making ‘Watch The World’ “my frame of mind was very much in the song-oriented and radio-based zone. As a DJ though you never really lose connection with the club potential of music - no matter what its tone. With hindsight, I realise I was already making plans, subconsciously, for extensions and remixes to ‘Watch The World’s music, before it was even finished. That’s a considerable part of what this Deluxe edition is all about and I’m delighted I’ve finally been able to scratch that mental itch!” 


Ranging from the deep to the uplifting, its remix blueprint offers reinterpretations from a broad cross-section of the Coldharbour Recordings crew. Among them are Dave Neven, Nifra, Solid Stone and Fisherman & Hawkins, who have each respectively remixed ‘In The Night’, ‘Love Me Like You Never Did’, ‘Destiny’ & ‘Favourite Nightmare’.

There are also rebuilds from trance artists such as Solarstone, Kyau & Albert and 4 Strings, as well as more recent additions to its establishment like Standerwick, Gai Barone and Amir Hussain. 


Markus Schulz ‘Watch The World’ [Deluxe Edition] is out now here.