Anja Schneider

This Friday, 5 May, DJ, producer and mobilee founder Anja Schneider will begin a new era in broadcasting when she launches ‘Club Room’, on Radio Eins. Part of the national RBB network of Radio and Television stations for the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, Radio Eins is apparently RBB’s second most listened to radio station, with a 94,000 listeners per average hour.

The weekly radio show will see Schneider present underground house and techno cuts, alongside regular international DJ guests and a weekly club programme of her Berlin party tips.


Her commencement at Radio Eins, one of RBB’s largest broadcasters, represents a significant career step for Schneider, who holds over 20 years experience in broadcasting, beginning her career at Kiss FM as a producer.


From the year 2000 onwards, she hosted Dance Under The Blue Moon on Fritz Radio, a Potsdam-based station that is part of RBB’s network. With Schneider as its mouthpiece, Dance Under The Blue Moon aired for 16 years and apparently played a pivotal role in introducing a generation of Berliners to electronic music.


Club Room will occur every Friday night from 11pm until 1am (GMT + 2) on Radio Eins and be available to listen via the following:

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