Spanish DJ/producer Cuartero returns to Loco Dice’s Desolat label for a brand new EP of house and techno. It’s a mere five years since Malaga’s Cuartero arrived on the scene with his own take on house music and the intervening years have seen him with releases on labels such as Hot Creations, Moon Harbour, Knee Deep in Sound, VIVa and of course Desolat. Away from the studio and into the clubs his rise as a DJ has been fast, seeing him crisscrossing the globe whilst holding residencies for the likes of HYTE Ibiza.


This latest EP kicks off with title track ‘Nosy Neighbors’, a bass heavy house workout with an insistent breakbeat driving things along. Scattered FX and vocal snippets add to the simple and direct arrangement. 


‘Multiverso’ sees the pace pick up as Cuartero steers into techno territory, layering rolling drums with old school stabs, adding in snares, snatches of diva vocals and arpegiated synths.


Penultimate offering ‘Painting My Town’ continues in the high intensity vein as the bumping bassline and percussion provide a decent groove. Finally, the spacious and wonky ‘Who Put the Bomp’ with its disembodied vocal parts, swirling synth sounds and hypnotic rhythm section, found things off.


It’s out 13 January 2017.


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