Alexi Delano & Marcelo Rosselot

Based in Barcelona, the Yakazi imprint reaches its fifth installment in the form of a synergic collaborative release. Signed by Chilean artists Alexi Delano and Marcelo Rosselot, and featuring Canadian Marc Houle in the role of remixer, this record is presented as a two-sided release.

Split into two original tracks, plus Marc Houle ’s remix, the label aims to maintain its commitment to their core values: to move people through good music, prevailing fads and trends, while strengthening the label’s very own sonic identity.


On this occasion, Alexi Delano, who is closely related to the label that was also featured in its previous compilation, joins forces with his fellow studio partner, Marcelo Rosselot to build up ‘Take Me/It’s On me’, two excursions of heavy bass minimalism and dark vivacious techno, based on subtle vocal samples, trippy synth-chords, and layered drum patterns which are constantly evolving throughout both progressions. 


The final product ends up sounding decent, without falling into the obviousness of a long steady beat narrative and keeping in mind how to charm the dance floors in style.


It’s out 9 January.


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