Wolfgang Gartner Ft. John Oates

Wolfgang Gartner has teamed up with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, John Oates, one half of the duo Hall & Oates, for Gartner’s latest single ‘Baby Be Real’. The 80s-inspired groove showcases the same nostalgic, dancefloor-driven sonics Gartner produced on his last album ’10 Ways To Steal Home Plate’, coupled with Oates’ vocals encouraging listeners to keep it real.

John Oates embarked on a solo career in 1999 and has since recorded five solo albums and the 2015 DVD docu-concert ‘Another Good Road’. Influenced by R&B and folk music while growing up near Philadelphia, he was named a BMI Icon in 2008 and founded the 7908: The Aspen Songwriters Festival in 2010. In 2016, Hall & Oates received a star on the Hollywood of Fame. 


John Oates: “‘Baby Be Real’ developed from a song idea that I started writing with Josh Charles. Wolfgang Gartner heard a demo version and liked it enough to build a really pumped-up track around the hook. He jacked up the dance vibe big time, and the record really rocks! I love what he did with it and can't wait to hear it on the dance floor!


Wolfgang Gartner: “The opportunity was floated to me to turn this demo into a dance track and mix worlds by combining John’s vocals and my music. I took John’s acappella and wrote all new music underneath it, going for a sort of late-90s disco house throwback vibe. This project was so organic and refreshing for me, as an opportunity to revisit the sound that I grew up on and collaborate with a legend and personal hero.”

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