Full Intention & Paul Farris Featuring Penny F

Full Intention

Full Intention duo Michael Gray and Jon Pearn have been spreading their sound across the house music scene for the last 15 years, apparently securing a string of successful top 40 releases and remixes, which went onto increase their popularity. Paul Harris, the British born music lover is an artist who is best known for his Grammy winning band Dirty Vegas and the tracks they have had. 

Full Intention
Full Intention

Paul is a remixer, producer and writer whose career dates back to the mid-90s when he rose to fame playing places like Milk Bar and Ministry of Sound. With new material lined up frequently as well as plenty more gigs, Paul continues to be part of the global dance wheel.

Milk & Sugar Recordings now present their collaboration namely 'Like A Mirage' featuring Penny F on the vocals, a massive groover being ready to set every floor on fire. On remix duties is no one less than Joeski delivering a big techy treatment of the song.


Check it out below.

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