Las Salinas Ft. Shannon Hurley

Las Salinas Ft. Shannon Hurley

Off the back of ‘Kunai’ - their Rodrigo Deem-team-up, April sees Las Salinas return to the release front lines. Their latest Vandit offering steps over to the vocal side of the trance fence and additionally finds Shaulli Harari & Israel Bircher drafting in the talents of LA-born-and-based singer/song-writer Shannon Hurley. If her name is ringing anyrecognition bells, over the last five years, the songstress has apparently made a name for herself, lending vocals to the productions of Giuseppe Ottaviani, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Protoculture, Ronski Speed and host of others from the trance frat. 

With her song, Shannon has possibly achieved a level of draw-you-in/spin-you-round hooky-ness. Her siren-like verses beguile and enchant, but it’ll be the track’s chorus that may well be the last thing you hear in your head at night… and the first thing, come morning!

Matching this catchiness note-for-note, Israel & Shaulli enrich the track with a production that echoes the spirit of Shannon’s song. Flush with outdoor ether and festival promise, ‘Come Pick Me Up’ may well be a good one for the summer! 


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