Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones

Reaching almost a decade of productions, Jamie Jones unveils ‘Siberian Express’ on his own Hot Creations imprint. Featuring three distinct and varied tracks, the release sees Jamie at his best and aims to prove once again why he is still riding high at the top.

Jamie Jones: "I've made a lot of music over the last year and it's all coming out over the next few months. ‘Siberian Express’ is  definitely one that stands out and I've road tested it everywhere. Really excited for people to hear it."

Title track ‘Siberian Express’ begins with an hypnotic melody that leads into a deep swelling bass, a forceful beat and intricate layers of warbling keys. An breakdown rises from grumbling synths culminating with Jamie’s bassline and spacey stabs, as big builds fall in and out of play. On the flip, ‘Captain Kirk’s Battle Dance’ is solid and rolls with looped basslines that steers through trippy FX. On a darker tip, ‘The 16th Floor’ is rich and deep with synths, layered throughout over a tight groove. 

It’s out now, check it out below.

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