Markus Schulz

From the bright lights and emotion of the Los Angeles tribute ‘Avalon’, Markus Schulz travels north of the border to conclude quarter three of his 2015 city series presentation. A city defined by its after-hours culture, and a venue he himself describes as the Cathedral - Stereo in Montreal. Stereo has been fortunate enough to experience multiple open-to-close sets.

‘Cathedral’ marks the first official release for Markus under his pseudonym Dakota for over a year. In many aspects, it’s a throwback to his earliest compositions under the name, habitually appearing on Bedrock and Yoshitoshi labels.


As the largest city in Québec, Montreal is a diverse cityscape in which classic European architecture meets contemporary design. At the heart of the city lies the dramatic Notre-Dame Basilica. Hypnotic and infectious, it’s a catalyst for those of you who push the boundaries beyond the club’s peak hours, much like the producer’s open to close sets. 


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