Laura Jones

Leeds, UK based producer Laura Jones has carved out a career over the past four years with a string of material surfacing on Crosstown Rebels, Visionquest, Dogmatik and of course Leftroom where she returns to here with a fresh release. This will follow on from a run of release for Leftroom in 2015 from the likes of DJ Bone, Steve Lawler, Jasper James and head-honcho Matt Tolfrey.

It’s a raw affair from Jones on ‘Think Over’ and the title cut kicks things off with a gritty propulsion bringing dubby synth echoes, resonant acid bass licks and crunchy lo-fi rhythms into the limelight, laid out over six and a half minutes with a subtly unfolding and intense feel.

The second original from Laura, ‘Imagination Unreal’, maintains a similar aesthetic with raw distorted drums, while employing a more stripped, low-slung feel on the whole. Jones brings smooth synth lines and tension-building pads into the mix to brilliantly flourish around the weighty, rhythmic foundation, the end result is a sophisticated dance floor focused house cut.`

Rounding off the package is Dutch Clone Records artist Paul du Lac who turns in his ‘Rhythm Remix’ of ‘Imagination Unreal’ who delivers a rugged take on things with growling bass sequences, intricately evolving drums and a heady progressive feel throughout its five and a half minutes.

Laura Jones ‘Think Over’ is out on Leftroom 28th August 2015.


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