Detroit Love

Detroit Love returns to the Space Discoteca today with Carl Craig, who is joined by Mad Mike Banks playing keys over Carl’s Moog-infused 4CD-deck set, Moritz Von Oswald, Robert Hood and Mirko Loko. ‘Detroit Love’ is a new concept from Carl, designed to bring together and support the sounds of Detroit, and take a little of the techno brotherhood to clubs and festivals the world over. The new home for Detroit Love, Space Ibiza, is the venue where he first DJ’d on the island.

Carl Craig: “My first time playing in Ibiza was at Space, I think it was 2008. For years it was a situation where my agent was trying to convince me to come over and do Ibiza, but I didn’t think it was my scene. Finally I agreed to come and I played the Discoteca at Space for We Love, and it was great. I think it was cool because I played these tunes that would have been Ibiza staples, but a lot of people wouldn't have played them - like Donna Summer 'I Feel Love' kind of pushed it. I also played for Space’s 25th birthday last year and that was a magical and standout show with crazy production.”


A known futurist, Craig speaks on his hopes for the future of Detroit and its music: “I would like to see Detroit become a major metropolis again in the United States and that the nightlife would take some cues from Berlin. I would like to see crime lower and I would like to see more young kids making techno music.” 


The opening party on 14 June saw Carl joined by one of Detroit’s brightest rising stars, Jimmy Edgar, alongside one of the biggest fans of Detroit artists and music, Heidi. The rest of the dates will bring artists including Derrick May, Moodymann, Magda and a special finishing show with Octave One playing live.


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