Paul van Dyk

After a 10 year wait, Grammy award-winning DJ/producer Paul van Dyk has finally unveiled the next edition, ‘The Politics of Dancing 3.’ Bringing his ‘Politics’ concept into the new decade with a fresh new approach, van Dyk aims to reflect the evolution of the way in which music is made today, focusing on artistic collaborations to form his long-awaited seventh artist album. Taking shape over the course of the last three years, ‘The Politics of Dancing 3’ has been a labour of love that has seen Paul invite the talents of 23 producers, singers and song-writers into his studio, working alongside each other to create an album that simultaneously compliments and rivals its predecessors.

Paul van Dyk
Paul van Dyk

Speaking out about the development that has come as a result of a ten year hiatus from his ‘The Politics of Dancing’ series, Paul says:


The third ‘Politics of Dancing’’s sound is, to me, more about what I’m about than the first two albums even. With them, I took music from other people and mixed, remixed and articulated it into the releases. Now we’re talking about tracks that I’ve written and co-written with other artists. So this is pretty much my idea of what electronic music should sound like now. ‘Politics’ is almost like a ‘sound dictionary’ of where I’m at musically. For me it continues the theme/thread of the first two, whilst acknowledging the passage of time between the then and the now.”

Featuring singles ‘Come With Me,’ ‘Only In A Dream’, ‘Guardian’ and ‘Louder’ and a list of collaborators including Aly & Fila, Roger Shah, Giuseppe Ottaviani and many more, the album aims to be a celebration of the transformative power of music and its ability to unite and reconcile hearts and minds across the world. A decade and a half since the first album, Paul’s latest offering once more delivers an insight into his form of ‘dancefloor diplomacy’. 

Paul van Dyk: “To me, only dance music has the power to reconcile the divisions of the planet like this.”

You can listen to the album on Spotify here.


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