Estonian Merimell joins Desolat with his four-track EP that aims to push the boundaries of the house and techno genre. With nods to moombahton and trap, the ‘Cyber Seduction’ EP should pique the interest of those looking for something a little different.

‘Cyber Seduction’ is a futuristic staccato cut that itches and scratches. The rising synths create tension that segues nicely into a lip-curling, head-nodding bass. Swish vocal chops complement everything nicely to give a well rounded groovy track. 

‘Drop It’ is an erratic yet pulsating affair. The topline acts like a MC, calling you deeper into the production. ‘Back’ again makes effective use of a distinctive top line. Underpinned by bass, its repetitiveness is offset by a full range of drum sequences that keep things fully entertaining.  ‘His Rhythm’ comprises chunky beats and sharp vocal samples.  

It’s out 25 May.


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