Sydney Blue & D.Ramirez

Sydney Blu returns with a her new EP ‘Need I Say More’, which is out 6 April on Hotfingers Records. Teaming up with UK techno and house producer D.Ramirez, the two have collectively gathered and unleashed a wild, energetic tech-house sound. 

Sydney Blu
Sydney Blu

Driven by deep kicks, and strong pulsing beats, this two-track EP is aimed to get you up and dancing. The first track ‘Need I Say More’ starts right in with a sharp and pumping kick beat, with a classic clap to catch your attention right off the bat. Trailing in is a soulful, vocal sample that leads you into a strong and powerful bassline. The dominant vocals that are accompanied by the swelling bass, ride throughout the track right up to the end.

 "You Were The One" moves into a darker and more ominous sound. Maintaining a strong beat, this track encompasses more underground qualities, with a build up of synths, reverberating claps, and a white noise accompanying the breakdowns. A simply tasteful vocal gives the track lyrical imagery. 

Check it out below.


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