Markus Schulz & Tom Boxer

Markus Schulz & Tom Boxer

Last month, Markus Schulz transported you to South Beach’s sexy ‘Bayfront (Miami)’. For February’s installment of Schulz’s “City Series” concept, he teams up with Tom Boxer to descend upon a city rich in art, architecture, and culture. This time, the Romanian capital of Bucharest is under focus, with its track titled ‘Bine Făcut’ which translates to ‘well done’.

As possibly one of the phoenix cities of the dance music industry, ‘Bine Făcut (Bucharest)’ explores its deep historical heritage. Teaming up with Romanian producer, Tom Boxer, the single combines a brooding melody with sinister basslines for a dancefloor effect.


A recent stay in the Romanian capital for Markus coincided with the country's recent presidential elections, sparking scenes of jubilation amongst the residents. Whilst walking the streets and soaking up the feelings of hope and desire for strong bonds and relations, the events acted as an inspirational catalyst for Markus; sensing an emotion of achievement and accomplishment by the natives, an aspect he felt important to spread to a worldwide audience. Some 24 hours later, he found himself in the studio with Boxer procuring a sound to encapsulate the country's developments, intertwined with memorable gigs throughout the years.

It’s out 27 February on Coldharbour Recordings, check it out below.



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