Christian Vance

Australian-born Christian Vance has been producing and performing his own music since the late-90s. Over the years his live format performances have gleaned a reputation for an enigmatic Detroit-influenced output which blurs the lines between house and techno. He has collaborated with a multitude of artists that include Derrick May, Carl Craig & Kirk Degiorgio, to have amassed a back catalogue that stretches across Perspectiv, Haul Music, Art of Vengeance and Nightime Drama.

Christian Vance
Christian Vance

Named after the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, Christian said about the release: 


“I always feel the name is inside the inspiration of the music... I had never dreamed of visiting the Carpathian Mountains as a child but that is where I ended up this year as a result of the invitation to make this record. Driving down the highway behind a traditional horse and cart with the mountains to my right, I knew the name of the songs on this record. Dream with your eyes open.”


EP opener ‘Air Rising’ is a melodic cut crafted over stripped back drums, tranquil drawn-out keys and soft pads with a resonating vox that dominates to dish up an emotive start. ‘Mountain Drive’ is a somewhat grittier track cultivated over rippling drums, warped atmospherics and shimmering synths, the culmination of which is a punchy fusion of sound geared towards the dancefloor. The third and final offering is title track ‘Carpathia’ which oscillates into life through bouncy tones, shifting percussion and lively atmospherics to build towards a crescendo to finish the EP.


It’s out now on Get Slow Records.



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