Rhythm Distrikt 

Rhythm Distrikt

Kicking off 2015 in an underground style, 'Rhythm Distrikt 08' delivers a big line-up of the some of the best in undiscovered rumbling techno and tech house beats. 

Featuring a 100% exclusive playlist from  some of techno's most underrated newcomers including Christian Cambas, Steve Mulder, Gayle San, Ant Brooks, D-Unity, Irregular Synth, MiniCoolBoyz, Axel Karakasis, Loco & Jam, Raul Mezcolanza, Nikola Gala, Roel Salemink and Gaga.

16 tracks and a full-length DJ mix take you on a journey to the darker side of dance music, delivering a unique collection of underground grooves that should be added to your tune collection.

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