Pig & Dan

Pig&Dan’s Elevate label continues 2014 with a series of releases from the likes of Dema, Kane Roth, Jay Tripwire, and the boys themselves. Having already unleashed the tracks ‘Slash’ and ‘Sandstorm’, Pig & Dan are parking themselves centre-stage again with their new ‘Lost Horizons EP’.

The brooding, slow-build structure keeps the lid on the energy of the tongue-in-cheek titled ‘If God Was A DJ’, teasing and toying in typical Pig&Dan style throughout the Original Mix, while the Alt Mix unleashes a more intense vibe. With ‘Seagulls’, Pig&Dan let their experimental juices flow, mining a darker and more twisted seam. If you are familiar with their work, the ‘Lost Horizons EP’ is another good example of their production abilities.


Make sure you check their diverse album, ‘Destination Unknown’, out now on Bedrock, showcasing sides of their musical palette that you may never have experienced before.

Check the EP below, it’s out tomorrow.
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