Kitsuné Maison 16

Kitsuné Maison 16

Kitsuné’s flagship compilation is back for another round, showcasing a complete assortment of possibly some of the movers and shakers that may well shape music’s future. ‘Kitsuné Maison 16’ hits the streets on 3 November with a fresh new artwork composed of drawings by 23 of the most exciting new illustrators scouted by the label.

Sweet 16 doesn’t nod at Ken Loach’s movie of the same name, although the determination of its main character only reflects too well the Franco-Japanese fox’s urge to develop as an essential brand. Nearer the mark, a ‘sweet sixteen’ is the coming of age party celebrating a girl’s 16th birthday in North America. For Kitsuné’s co-founder Gildas Loaec, this new volume is resolutely about adolescence.

“Who’s not for re-experiencing the emotions of being 16 again? When life’s all to be discovered and conquered…,” says Gildas. “Although in the same vein, ‘Maison 16’ is more gentle and tender than its predecessors. I hope it is as wild and eclectic as you would expect from Kitsuné, however it’s definitely deeper and more feminine too... Never standing still, the label’s almost unstoppable and is constantly morphing into new shapes and ideas.“

Check out the mini mix from the label’s Jerry Bouthier.

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