Revealed Recordings' Hardwell recently embarked on his Revealed North America Bus Tour, along with label-mates Dyro and Dannic, with a film crew to capture all that happens on the road. As premiered on MTV Clubland, the after-movie provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes perspective that showcases everything from the personalities of Hardwell, Dyro and Dannic, to their antics both on-stage and off, as well as their eerie experiences with the supernatural. Viewers can watch the 10-date journey with stops in Canada, the United Sates, and lots of places in between. 

The Revealed North America Bus Tour after-movie begins with Hardwell, Dyro, Dannic and company making a fateful mistake of entering the venue through an unauthorised area that happens to be one of the most haunted places in the world. This mistake resulted in unexplained happenings throughout the rest of the tour. In addition to the footage of the guys playing for massive dance floors, the after-movie displays their antics while traveling, in their hotel rooms, at dinner, and backstage - even dealing with ghosts firsthand. Viewerss can expect to see the trio outside of their comfort zone on what has been dubbed the "Haunted Bus Tour," while also getting to know the whole spectrum of life on the road. Check the video out below.


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