Destination Brazil

Xbox One

Microsoft announced a new hub for all things football on Xbox, Destination Brazil. Starting 12th June, fans can access Destination Brazil on the Xbox One dashboard and launch an array of football content. Destination Brazil includes Brazil Now, a new app that snaps next to live TV to enhance your match viewing experience, enable you to play FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: FIFA World Cup and check out various series about your favourite football clubs from Copa90.

You can personalise the app to your team, receive alerts and score updates for all the games, and watch the live games with real-time stats, scores and live social experiences on Xbox Live. Brazil Now also gives you notifications of when matches are starting, goal alerts and score updates. You can use these notifications to jump directly into the app and get details about the match in progress, or watch the match live.


Also, starting on 15th June, fans can tune in to the all-new interactive reality show “Every Street United” through Destination Brazil and watch as legendary footballers Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids scout the world’s most gifted, undiscovered street stars.


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