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Black Hole Distribution

Dutch record company Black Hole Recordings will shortly launch its new business unit: Black Hole Distribution. The new sub-division is made to serve as a full service distributor of musical content, for artists and labels of all genres and it has a music management system, developed as part of the Black Hole Recordings’ website. The online distribution platform will be launched on 25 May.

Black Hole Distribution

Black Hole Recordings, founded in 1997, created Black Hole Distribution to meet the growing need for distribution services and by moving into the digital distribution business, the Dutch record company is showing its ambition to be one of the key players in this field. The record label used its 16 years of experience in the music industry to create a business unit that meets the needs of labels and artists, including licensing, accounting, database marketing and promotion. Protection against piracy is also one of the services of the new unit.


The online platform enables customers to upload and manage their catalogue and view trends and sales. Over 180 digital service providers (such as f.e. iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Soundcloud, Beats Music and Amazon) are connected to Black Hole Distribution and this number should grow as new and upcoming digital service providers are contracted frequently.


The development of Black Hole Distribution began in 2009, by offering befriended labels distribution of their catalogue. Since 2011, over 70 record labels have partnered for distribution and these labels release music in various genres such as dance, electronic, classical music, rock, Latin, salsa and jazz. The final step in the development of the new business unit was creating an online platform for customers. For more info, check:


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