Back with another track, Crosstown Rebels have just released the latest track from Psychemagik, 'Black Noir Schwarz’, ­ their first original production not to be self-­released and already championed by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. A big club track, the original is driven by the wonky bassline, dark and sultry vocal (from Renata De Sutter aka Renegade) and freaky synths. Spooky keys and chords, and grinding distorted bass bring the track to even murkier depths. Featuring remixes by Tensnake and ex Audio Bully Minéo, this should be a biggie.

UK dance music heroes, avid vinyl collectors and masters of the re­edit, Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney aka Psychemagik first entered the public consciousness with their Balearic pop and 12" disco edits. Since then the UK duo has since released an array of original productions and remixes. Recent remix projects include Bryan Ferry, Haim, Boy George, The Villagers, Azari & III, Metronomy, Chapel Club, Kauf and Mirror People. After other compilations, such as the self­-released 'Diabolical Synthetic Fantasia', last year’s 'Magik Sunrise' was named the #1 Compilation Of the Year at Piccadilly Records and featured in most good record shops top 10 compilations of 2013 bestsellers lists, including Rough Trade and Phonica. The duo has just returned from a world tour of Australia, USA, Mexico, Asia and Europe. Check it out below.


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