Dirty South


For three straight weeks in March, Grammy-nominated Dirty South will be the man behind the camera, taking to the streets of the city he currently calls home and making Los Angeles the backdrop for his new cinematic journey. 

Cityscapes, skylines, lake views, night drives, and tunneled lenses will set the tone for a film he is directing to accompany his new album, which is due out this year - the content, context and name for which will be released later this month.


In a possible groundbreaking new move, the film will accompany the album and bring the story to visual lifeTo help with this, Dirty South is looking for a handful of passionate fans to share this project with by becoming a part of the film. If you live in Los Angeles and are available for a full-day of shooting on Monday 10 March, please enter your information here for consideration: http://ptab.it/2yI1C

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