1605 Vs Deeperfect

1605 Vs Deeperfect

1605 and Deeperfect host The Clevelander in Miami on 26 March. As part of Miami Music Week, the two techno/tech house labels join together to shake Ocean Drive and bring some hot European sounds to Miami. The event will be headlined by both labels' chiefs, UMEK and Stefano Noferini, accompanied by tribe members Koen Groeneveld, Sian, Mike Vale, Macromism, Hollen and Riotgear.


1605 Vs Deeperfect

Umek: “I've always liked to work with Stefano and his team, so this year we decided to stick our heads together and offer the best of both labels. Last year we sold out Mokai during the night, so this year our next challenge is to pack an open venue during the day. There's a lot going on during Ultra week around the city, but not so much during the day, which is a shame since it's sunny and warm outside. Especially if you fly in from rainy and cold Europe.”


Deeperfect's main man Stefano Noferini added: “I'm really happy to play again with Umek. Last year in Miami we won an important award together (‘Goes On’ was Best Techno Track @ IDMA), this year we're gonna party in The Clevelander, one of the best open air venues in South Beach. We chose the best talent our labels have. 1605 and Deeperfect have a lot in common, that's why DJs and the crew have so much fun working together.”


Check the flyer for full info.

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