Jose Burgos Feat. Kenny Bobien

Jose Burgos Feat. Kenny Bobien | For Your Love

US producer Jose Burgos has been a big name in soulful house music for the best part of two decades, with releases on Salt Shaker Records, NRK, Deep Vision and Sunlightsquare Records. Now, he’s reunited once again with the powerfully soulful voice of Kenny Bobien, one of our all time favourite soulful house vocalists.




Jose and Kenny’s track, ‘For Your Love’, epitomises Burgos’ inimitable upbeat and organic sound as he includes an eclectic array of percussion, brass instruments and a strumming guitar. Here, South African rising producer, Cuebur, is on remix duties, adding his own distinct flavour to the cut; raw sounding percussion and warm atmospherics combine, resulting in a gentle, emotionally affecting reworking. It’s out on Soul Heaven on 3 March, check it out below.


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