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Guy Gerber | Rumors


Apparently the best thing about rumours is that it takes a minute to start one and sometimes a lifetime to stop them. Despite having a summer that saw him help change the musical outlook of Pacha Ibiza with his Wisdom of the Glove night, Guy Gerber recently announced the creation of his own label called Rumors.

Guy Gerber
Guy Gerber

Rumors will see the Supplemental Facts boss play some dates around the world as part of the new label. As well as being an event concept, Rumors marks the launch of a new label for the melodic house and techno DJ/producer. The first release will be an EP with RA’s No 1 DJ of 2013 and respected member of the Innervisions deep house crew, Dixon. The Ep, called 'No Distance', will come with a remix from Lake People. Rumors may well be the start of another adventure for Guy Gerber. For more info check:


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