Sek | Quim Ninja EP


Greek producer Sek drops his new single ‘Quim Ninja’ via Ray Okpara’s Ama Recordings this month, which comprises four original tracks from the up and coming producer. Sek has been releasing a steady stream of material for the likes of Large Music, OFF, Hudd Traxx and Apparel Music since 2009, as well as releasing on Ama Recordings Various Artists release in 2013, where he returns for a full EP here. 


Since its launch back in 2010, Ama Recordings has developed a coterie of reputable artists on its roster, with the likes of Sascha Dive, Alex Piccini, DJ W!ld and of course Okpara, delivering original content and remixes for the label. Kicking things off is ‘Quim Ninja’, which sees Sek blend heavily swung percussion, a rolling saw-wave bass hook and processed spoken word vocal licks. Riding this sturdy groove for a near seven minutes is the format taken, but the Greek producer opts for subtle automation and a progressive feel to keep thing in an ever-evolving state, and the latter stages introduce a warm Rhodes chord, adding a shimmering beauty to tail things out. 


Following is ‘On And On’, tipping the focus toward a straight house cut this time, as Sek blends an amalgamation of vocal lines with classic 909 drums and a New Jersey garage tinged sub-bass and pad line. Entering the latter half of the release is ‘Lonely Dub’, a cut to start winding things down as things get deeper, an ethereal pad leads the way, while dubbed out vocals, rolling toms and bulbous subs fuel the energy of the record, showcasing Sek’s diverse taste and production abilities. Finally to close the single is ‘The Move’, taking influence from Detroit deep house with gritty drum samples, an infectiously hooky Rhodes melody and soulful vocals. It’s out January 15th on Ama Recordings.


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