Alan Aguero

Miley Cyrus | Wrecking Ball (Alan Aguero Remix)


At 19-years old, Toronto-based half Brazilian/Argentinian DJ/producer Alan Aguero holds a residency at Toronto's largest nightclub,The Guvernement, where he continuous to be active in Toronto's dance music scene. He is signed to Burner Records (Canada), 6N7 Music (Canada) and Protoxic Records (France), where you can find his releases on Beatport.

His latest remix, which he’s releasing as a FREE download, is of Miley Cyrus’ huge pop track, ‘Wrecking Ball’. The combination of Miley's beautiful vocals are remixed into an electronic track that should do well in clubs. With a drop that replaces the lyrics "wrecking will work when dropped at the right time. Twerking is optional!


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