Andy Moor

Andy Moor | Zero Point One The Remixes

Providing a set of thought-provoking tracks and productions, Andy Moor looked back on the release of his debut album ‘Zero Point One’, the accumulation of 15 years of passion for music and producing skills, and a welcome release to those into the Moor sound.

Andy Moor | Zero Point One The Remixes

Now it’s the turn of the official remixes album, ‘Zero Point One Remixed’, featuring the vocals of 'World To Turn', 'Trespass' and 'In Your Arms' to the hypnotic 'K Ta', 'Undeserved' and the warming 'Leave Your World Behind'. The 18 tracks of Zero Point One were given a new sound treatment and on remix duties are the likes of Andrew Rayel, Toby Hedges, Heatbeat and The Blizzard, as well as established artists such as Daniel Kandi, Mike Foyle, Wellenrausch, Aly & Fila, Antillas & Dankann and Lange. ‘Zero Point One Remixed’ shines a brand new light on Andy Moor's originals, adding a whole new dimension to the original tracks. For more info, check:


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