Solarstone | Love Theme from Blade Runner (Pure Mix)

Drawing from one of Vangelis’ most renowned soundtracks, Solarstone has rebooted the theme from the ‘Blade Runner’ soundtrack, bringing a trance touch to its title theme. Utilizing it as a last tune of the night for many a month, the track (now christened ‘Love Theme from Blade Runner’) has been given the official seal of approval.

Losing none of its atmosphere, it now exerts a hypnotic thrall over the club floor, and using the classic strains of ‘End Titles’, Richard fires the original’s balanced nexus of dystopian melancholia and towering elevation through the Pure prism.Developing a pounding sonic underlay, built from pistoning drums, dramatic orchestral cymbal crashes and undulating bass swells, he sets the stage for its big dramatic soundscapes. Retrofitting Vangelis’ analogue synthesizers and FX with purified trance mechanics and tension, he filters its melodic chimes into the mix’s system. It’s out today on Black Hole Recordings, have a listen below.


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