Martin Buttrich & Mousse T

Martin Buttrich & Mousse T | Session 1

The latest offering from Desolat sees Martin Buttrich come together with long-time friend Mousse T on ‘Session 1’. This two track 12” set for release on October 14, sees both producers release their first original material in over two years and demonstrate why they remain two respected producers in the scene.

Martin Buttrich & Mousse T | Session 1
Martin Buttrich & Mousse T | Session 1

Opener ‘Sunseeker’ kicks off the EP with a teasing guitar riff which is supplemented by resounding pulses of warm bass. Further elements are added into the equation soon enough, such as a warped spoken word vocal and numerous melodic textures and trippy flourishes which all come together, building and yielding as the track drops back into its rolling sun kissed groove.


On the flip-side is ‘Smack Back’, which is marginally the more restrained of the two tracks on offer, characterised by a succession of subtle misshapen sounds, twisted effects and an ascending synth which compliments the punchy percussion and melodic stabs. It’s out October 14. Cover painting by Luio Onassis.


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