Ripperton | A Little Part Of Shade

Swiss producer Ripperton releases his new studio album ‘A Little Part Of Shade’ today.The musician’s second full-length album will further deepen his impressive catalogue of work and follow the 2010 ‘Niwa’, seeing his return to Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal’s Amsterdam based Green label.

Ripperton gained popularity as a producer with his Lazy Fat People project, releasing on labels such as Border Community, Planet E and Wagon Repair, he grew as a solo artist with key releases on Green, Liebe Detail, Connaisseur, Music Man, Systematic and Dessous. He also remixed for Radiohead (‘Nude’), Laurent Garnier (‘Controlling The House’), Ellen Allien (‘My Tree’), Beanfield (‘Tides’) and Max Copper (‘Egomodal’).


Since the release of ‘Niwa’ in 2010, Ripperton has been busy working on this album, combining traditional song craft with a more familiar rhythmical style. The album sees him work alongside a variety of artists including Hemlock Smith, the multi talented writer, graphist and photographer Van Hai, and Germain Umdenstock, whom features on the opening lead track ‘A Little Part Of Shade’; providing guitar melodies over his carefully constructed landscapes.


Ripperton: “’A Little Part Of Shade’ is about the part of shade that everyone has. It's about the private garden; it’s quite the opposite of ‘Niwa’. It's an inside garden. It can be bright or dark or in the middle. It can destroy or help you…”


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