Wisdom Of The Glove

Wisdom Of The Glove

Guy Gerber's Wisdom of the Glove night at Pacha Ibiza has been highly anticipated this season, with the Israeli native’s debut season the cause for much excitement and tongue wagging on the White Isle. The action kicked off properly last Wednesday, and as has become Gerber's forte over the years, it didn't disappoint, with a raft of carefully chosen artists laying down some great music.

Just as encouraging was the crowd on show, with workers, electronic music enthusiasts and vintage Pacha VIP guests all mingling with ease. The venue was stripped out too, with the mysterious glove indicative of the night's liking for intrigue and mystery. First up on the decks though, was Shaun Reeves. The Detroit native and Visionquest man proved just why he's held in such high regard these days, with his tightly woven set weaving through myriad genres.

French trio dOP laid down a live set that was brimming with energy and verve. Pacha might not be a typical venue for the French crowd, but they still brought their A-game regardless, with track after track of intensity unleashed on a more than captive audience. 


Expectedly, it was Gerber's set that caught the headlines – and rightly so. While the transition from live act to DJ isn't always one that comes easy, it's one that Gerber seems to have nailed, and is a move that's granting him a whole new fan base in the process. Playing off Traktor and seemingly manipulating every last nook and cranny for the good of the crowd, Gerber's set was littered with everything from high-octane, techno-tinged tracks to Chicago style house. If anything, Gerber's set reminded us exactly why his musical nous is as sharp as any of his peers. Yes, it's early in the season, but initial sentiments seem very favourable indeed. 

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