Felix Da Housecat

Felix Da Housecat | I Just Want to Be A Lesbian

Felix Da Housecat returns with another bizarre musical tale from the seedy underbelly of clubworld. As is frequently the case with his quirky concoctions, this curiously named track has got a bit of a story behind it. FDC met singer Romina Cohn in a club late one night, after having heard her track 'I Just Want To Be The Residents'. As it turned out, Felix misheard the song’s refrain, and told the singer “I loved ‘I Just Want To Be A Lesbian!’”

She laughed and told him that he’d sadly misunderstood the lyrics somewhat - but Felix suggested they record a tune together with the lyrics as he’d heard them. Et voilà: this dark and dirty track was born. It’s a slow-burning journey, all throbbing monotone bass, and vintage tribal percussion ticking and chugging away as Romina’s heady vocals seduce your ears. Big snare rolls up the ante before the track implodes in on itself and melts back down to nothing more than a kick drum and a bassline. Felix's 'Thee Loverz Raw Cut' Remix fires up the techno intensity and provides an intense big room version, while his Aphrohead remix goes for bouncy tech house with a menacing twist. Part one is out May 27.

More remixes come from Riton (chugging electro filth and trap-style bass heaviness respectively), new talent Cloud (‘90s house vibes with a touch of deepness), Hot Creations and Defected signing Human Life (big dancefloor gear with serious sub bass) and Bedrock’s Eagles & Butterflies (hypnotic and moody tribal tech). These mixes are out June 10, both on No Shame/Rude Photo.

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