Uner | Nagual

Following on from 2012's ‘Palua’ EP, Uner returns to Cadenza Records in May 13 with a brand new EP. Featuring two tracks (and a bonus digital track), the 'Nagual EP' delivers once more, with UNER very much at the top of his game. 

'Bonheur (Part 1)' is a definite 'journey' track, spreading itself out over 12 minutes with a booming yet sophisticated tribal rhythm, and infectious melody line and light keys that worms around the rhythm, ticking all the right boxes for a modern day house record. 'La Playa (Part 2)' maintains the energy levels, with a bright and urgent rhythm track, with gliding and random keys, percussive effects and melting synths all jostling for position, its discordancy creating the intensity and mood of this piece. Wrapping up the package, as a digital exclusive, is 'Detector', a deep and engrossing musical piece, its rhythm kept light whilst the organ and keys soar.

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