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Tommy Trash | Monkey See Monkey Do

Tommy Trash has teamed up with members of the Jim Henson Company in Los Angeles to bring Kal the Monkey to life. In what is the first of a two-video series, Monkey See Monkey Do sees us following Kal, a simple, innocent but inquisitive monkey, on the first leg of a journey of discovery. 

Living a solitary life on his planet of junk, Kal comes across a cassette of Tommy's single. Once he works out how to play the cassette, Kal's world is turned upside down by what he hears and he heads off in search of more! The video series combines the inspiration from Tommy's monkey character (featured on here and his upcoming single ‘Monkey In Love’ on Size Records) and the creative vision of Director Phil Hodges, whose previous work includes the music video for the Foo Fighters single ‘Walk’. It’s out now on Mau5trap, check it out below:

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