KiloWatts | Windsong Remixes EP

Jamie Watts aka KiloWatts has a long tenure and impressive body of work contributed to the Harmonious Discord imprint. He has been an integral component to the shaping of its sound over the years and first appeared on the HD label with a glitched out breaky contribution on its fifth release in early 2004. Since then he has been featured in three artist EPs, two remixes, and one sampler contribution.

News appeared in early 2012 that KiloWatts was planning on releasing a year-long project album focused on a return to his roots as a piano virtuoso. The project first appeared in the Kickstarter campaign with a teaser video and was titled ‘Acceptitude’. Now, to celebrate the label’s love for the album they are releasing one of their favourite tracks, the ‘Windsong Remixes EP’. ‘Windsong’ is a hypnotic dream sequence blown away by brisk winds of change and mixes sonic definition with happy accidents in time and space. On remix duties, Ill76, Vital and label boss PointBender all bring their unique style to the project. Look out for ‘End Of Year’ and ‘Three’s Threes’ on the EP too, it’s out now.

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