Quasamodo | Can't Hold Me Down EP

Dimitris Nassios is no stranger to fans of the funk having released on the highly respected Freestyle Records as Q Orchestra and with Basement freaks as Smokey bandits. Under the Quasamodo name he has teamed up with singer Thaliah to deliver some uplifting soulful beats. 

Jalapeno Records
Jalapeno Records

‘Can’t Hold Me Down’ is a sunny and upbeat number, despite the weather in the northern hemisphere! ‘Change Is Strange’ also features Thaliah and is a more laid back and low slung number. The rest of the EP is funky beats; ‘Son Of Shaft’ has a familiar ring to it and ‘Funkenstein’ is a pure heads down groover. Look out for the EP, it’s forthcoming on Jalapeno Records on March 4. 

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